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Airbnb linen hire for property managers and cleaners



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Airbnb Linen Hire

Deliver Hotel Quality

Airbnb linen hire with hotel-level quality – every stay.

Hotel Linen Hire Logistics

Manage Time & Cost

Simplify Airbnb laundry logistics, save time, and manage costs.

Quality Linen Hire

Linen Flexibility

Define your guest experience with flexible linen packs. 

A hotel-quality sleep experience is not only linens and thread count.

It’s quality linens that are professionally cleaned and pressed.

Hotel Linen Hire Management
Komplete Airbnb linen hire clients

Komplete Airbnb Clients

Experience + Dependability

We’ve been delivering linen hire and laundry to some of the Hunter Valley’s best hotel and hospitality brands for 20 years.

Kompletely amazing hotel clients include Little National (2024), Anchorage, Rydges, QT, Quest, and many more.

You can now depend on the same linen quality and laundry logistics for Airbnb and holiday rental property managers. To deliver a five star, shareable Airbnb guest experience.

We help deliver kompletely happy guests to over 150 Airbnb hosts, with clients including Hunter Valley Stays, Unwind Hunter Valley, and AirKeeper.

Simple Airbnb Linen Hire

Linen Hire Management


Choose your hotel-quality linen packs for guest bed and bathrooms.

Linen Dependability


Web managed, demand-driven schedule for laundry pickup and delivery.

Laundry - Quilt


Deliver a memorable, five-star linen experience for your guests – every stay.

Airbnb Linen Management

Save Time + Control Costs

Simple Airbnb / holiday rental property linen stock management for pickup, delivery, and billing. Deliver a dependable quality linen experience for your guests – every stay.

Receive demand-driven linen stock updates – we deliver daily across the Hunter Valley.

  • Laundry Dependability 100% 100%
  • Linen Quality 100% 100%
  • Guest Satisfaction 100% 100%
Komplete Hotel Linen Hire Commercial Laundry App
Airbnb Property Managers

Rental Property Managers

Modern Commercial Laundry


Aggregate linen logistics for multiple properties and customers.

Linen Dependability


Integrate fresh linen delivery with your property cleaning schedule.

Hotel Linen Hire Delivery


Consolidated invoicing – with linen pack volume and time itemisation.

We work with

Property Manager Software

Sleep is a guest experience

Every day + Every Stay

Professionally pressed linens simply feel better…

Simply manage your Airbnb guest’s first and last emotion – every day.

Hotel Linen Hire

Airbnb Linen Packs

5 Star + Delivered

Deliver your guests a hotel-quality, five-star worthy (Enhanced Cleaning Protocol compatible) Airbnb stay with a beautiful linen experience.

With the convenience of a PAR (Periodic Automatic Replacement) linen model. For simple, dependable time and cost management.

King Linen Pack (Example)

2 Pressed Bedsheets, 4 Pillow Cases, 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels

Queen Linen Pack (Example)

2 Pressed Bedsheets, 4 Pillow Cases, 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels

Single Linen Pack (Example)

2 Pressed Bedsheets, 2 Pillow Cases, 1 Bath Towel, 1 Hand Towel

Plus quilt covers, bath mats, tea towels, pool towels, and dining linens.

Download a komplete laundry solution for Airbnb Hosts and vacation property managers summary (PDF).

Every day across the Hunter Valley

Hotel Linen Hire Guest Rooms


Professionally pressed, quality linens for a luxurious hotel experience.

Linen Hire Management


Simple online flexibility for property management time and cost.

Hotel Linen Hire Delivery


Quality delivered daily to Nelson Bay, Newcastle, and Pokolbin.

Laundry Capabilities

Global tech + Local service

Modern Commercial Laundry


Modern, custom-designed laundry facilities – built in 2022. Centrally located in the Hunter Valley.

Commercial Laundry Tick


Quality standards including AS/NZS 4146:2000, and industry-leading laundry management systems. 

Centrally Located Laundry


Local, personal service and support with 20 years experience in Hunter Valley commercial laundry solutions.

Any Questions?

Get in Touch

How often do you deliver and what areas?

We can provide flexible deliveries depending on your needs. We have clients and deliver daily across the Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, and Pokolbin areas.

What management oversight and reporting do I have?

We can provide a website login that’ll give you full access to your linen stock, deliveries, and invoicing. You can assign different levels of access depending on staff roles.

Can you provide specific linen standards for our brand?

We have an extensive existing range of linen options for different price points. Or we can help create a bespoke solution. Book a consultation to discuss.

What other services do you provide?

We also deliver linen hire to some of the Hunter Valley’s best hotel and hospitality brands.

Plus a full dry cleaning and domestic laundry service via our subsidiary Maitland City Dry Cleaners. Guest dry cleaning services are also available to hotel clients.